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Mama and Baby | Orlando FL

Welcome the most beautiful little boy and gorgeous young mama. Lot’s of giggles and laughs and most of all, portraits  to cherish forever….Recent Posts


Come love your children, kiss them, hug them and show how much you love them… Time stands still for nobody.  You don’t need to smile in front of the camera or think on what are you going to wear… Come and love on your family and let me capture those beautiful moments YOU TOGETHER … This is a very special time of the year.  With holidays approaching so very soon, you can come and enjoy a mini photo session with me, capturing your family at this beautiful location (Recent Posts


I am absolutely in love with all of my clients’ wonderful personalities. Each girl is so different in every way and they each shine in their senior pictures.Recent Posts

Miranda| High School Seniors

Holy Smokes! If you think your Senior photos rock, check this out!  Miranda ROCKED her Senior Photo Session with her beautiful smile, stunning personality , sexy attitude  and well, the GUN!  Absolutely Beautiful. Recent Posts

Miley | High School Senior

Eiley was absolutely a pleasure to work with. The minute I met her, she was shinning with the beauty all  around her. We went from from fun antique trucks to the lake full of cold water,  had an amazing time capturing beautiful high school portraits…Recent Posts

Gabe | High School Seniors | Chicago IL

It was a cold January day in Chicago. Actually to be more specific it was so cold,  every time we took a photo, we had to go back  to the car to warm up … The wind was freezing our hands and winter chill was making our bodies shiver with the cry of go home to the fireplace…… I was visiting my in-laws  for Christmas. At the Christmas party I was asked if I could shoot a high school senior photos for my husbands brothers son. I said absolutely I would. The only thing that wasRecent Posts

Family Portraits | Orlando FL

I had so much fun taking pictures of this beautiful family. So many smiles, so much love and such a beautiful friendship…          Recent Posts