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BEN | Bishop Moore High School, Class of 2020

Senior Guys ROCK. Yes, you may see mostly senior girls on my site and social media, and they do make up the bulk of my clientele. However, I truly enjoy photographing the senior boys who book with me!

I try to keep my boys' sessions pretty laid-back and efficient - usually a photo shoot is not high on their list of favorite things to do. Regardless of their excitement level over the process all of my senior clients want awesome images at the end of the day, and I'm happy to provide that for both my senior boy and girl clients.

Whether you want something hip and urban or more rustic and natural I have session just for you and your style. Want to showcase your sophisticated style in a suit? Do it! Or you can go ultra casual and wear your favorite T and sneakers. There are plenty of stops between those two extremes as well - the point is to capture all things YOU !

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