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Emily | Class of 2023

An email came through my inbox one afternoon that I won’t easily forget. It read “I don’t know how open you are towards trying new things but…I am an artist and I would love for my senior pictures to reflect that. I am very into art, colors, and I thought it might be cool to get messy with some paint, smear it on my face, and take some fun photos”

To which my response probably went a little something like: “umm…talk about MY KIND OF shoot!! yes yes yes omg yes”

My heartbeat as a photographer is creating work that feels “true to you” with each individual I get to work with. When it comes to thinking outside the box and affirming the vision my clients have for their shoot I am their biggest cheerleader. I love asking them questions that prompt ideas to naturally make their portraits come to life! so when Emily shared her vision , I knew she was my kind of girl!!!

I am so excited to share a few favorites from our time together! Emily has a sunshine soul and felt so much like a friend from the second I met her. Her smile was effortless and her joy was genuine, and that is something I will always remember about this shoot! She is an artist through-and-through — it transcends past the canvas and seeps through the rest of her lifestyle which I find so refreshing and beautiful.


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