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GOLDEN HOUR | Mini Session

The Golden hour, when the warm sunlight hits the earth with the mix of yellow/orange rays. The golden hour most likely occurs when the Sun is between 6 degrees below and 6 degrees above the horizon.

When the Sun is just above the horizon, its rays impact the Earth at a low angle and they have to travel through more of the Earth's atmosphere before they reach us. On their way to the Earth's surface, they encounter atmospheric particles such as dust and water droplets, which filter the sunlight, ultimately making it less bright. This process also adds more indirect light to the mix, softening contours and reducing the contrast. At the same time, the thicker layer of atmosphere that the sunlight has to pass through scatters the blue and violet wavelengths, allowing more light in the orange and red spectrum to reach Earth. This scattering decreases the sunlight's color temperature and makes it take on a golden or reddish hue. Continue reading here

Below photos were taken between 6:30 - 7pm



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