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LEXIE | Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Have you ever wondered if EVERY IMAGE from my client galleries are just as good as the sneak peeks?

Sharing Lexie's portrait session full of consistent and creative images throughout the entire gallery. Why just to love couple images from the portrait shoot when you can LOVE them ALL! 😍⁣

Lexie is beautiful, smart, kind and wonderful volleyball player. Her day of fashion consult went amazing, as you can tell, she has great taste!

⁣Want to know how to choose a perfect wardrobe for your photo shoot ?!? I got you covered! Today I am going to plan your senior session ! 👏🏻⁣

A. ✨ VARIETY is everything! Make sure that your outfits aren’t all dresses, jeans, or shorts. Try to incorporate a variety of not only pieces, but style as well (like urban, organic, casual,and sophisticated). ⁣

B. ✨ COLORS matter! Do you know what colors look best on your skin tone?!? This can make or break the glow & color your skin gives off in your portraits.⁣

C. ✨ Stay TRUE TO YOU! While it may be fun to wear bold patterns and colors because your friend did it and it looked great in her pics, if you normally wouldn’t wear those threads, it’s best not to. Stay true to what you would normally wear to best represent yourself. ⁣

D. ✨ Stay classic with a TWIST OF TREND! While oversized sweatshirts & bike shorts are all the rage right now, err on the side of classic sophistication for your session day. You never want to look back on your senior pics in 5 years and say, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” ⁣

High School Senior: LEXIE

Hair and Makeup: Angelica ( Instagram )

Location: Winter Park /Orlando


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