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NICOLE | Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Shooting seniors is fun for so many reasons... one of them being that seniors are in such an exciting time of their lives!

They are graduating high school and getting ready to start a whole new adventure; pursuing a degree in something they love and/or moving away from home. The uncharted territory is thrilling and you can see the excitement in their eyes. I love hearing about their future college, what they will be majoring in, and what they’re most excited for.

⁣One of my favorite things is when a senior client shows up prepared! They come with an array of outfit options while still knowing what they want!

Outfit Ideas:

✨ college gear; a hat, a t-shirt, just something to celebrate and show off where they are headed!⁣

✨ something simple and classic, an outfit that mom and dad would love!⁣

✨ And then of course all the fun outfits that we planned for! Allso, don't forget something that is currently stylish but we may look back on 20 years from now and laugh at.

High School Senior : Nicole

Hair and Makeup: Angelica ( Instagram )

Location: Winter Garden /Orlando