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The average student will end up spending about $1,000 on Senior photos, $500 on yearbook page + another $1,000 on prom, including attire, dinner, transportation, and the event itself. However, this same student that put so much time and energy into looking their absolute best and scheduling out a night they'll never forget, will rely on their family and friends to document it...

This goes beyond that one photo you might pay for at prom, with the same backdrop and pose as everyone else. Many young men and women are looking for photographs from their prom they'll actually want to frame and display for years to come. So many prom photos turns out dark, blurry, and unflattering because you're relying on a point-and-shoot camera or even (gasp!) your cell phone!

And how about that dress. That one special dress you've have been looking for months.... Hire a photographer to take prom photos as you're getting ready, seeing your date in formal wear for the first time, and meeting up with your friends. If you're event is past, think about bringing your prom dress to your senior photo session or ask your photographer incorporate your prom dress into your photo shoot, to take some photos of you in your beautiful prom dress. . . (Who doesn't want an excuse to dress up twice?)

KAT with her beautiful prom dress in 2020.


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