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SHANNON | Boone High School

" A portrait is so many things more than just a photograph of you. It's self confidence, respecting yourself, loving yourself and caring for yourself. I want you to fall in love with yourself. I want to show you how beautiful you are, both on the inside and on the outside. It's unbelievable connection - when you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, you feel good. That moment to me is priceless... "

Featuring Shannon, Class of 2023.

Senior year of high school marks a lot of milestones for the average young person. It’s often their last year at home with their parents. Their last year with the friends they’ve grown up with. It’s the year they become a legal adult. Taking senior portraits is the perfect way to commemorate all that they’ve done so far in their life, and a way to celebrate all the things the future has in store.

The youth of today are more technologically savvy than any generation before them. They’re posting more selfies than ever, and are arguably the most photogenic group of young people to have ever lived! That may be the product of all those selfies giving them extra practice posing in front of a camera, or maybe they’re just naturally photogenic! Whatever the reason, there’s no question that they take good photos, and their Instagram feeds are envious. However, their selfie skills don’t exclude them from needing some high-quality senior portraits when it comes time for them to graduate and go out into the big, wide, world. After all, there are some photo’s you can’t take yourself, even with a quality selfie stick!


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