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Why You Should Have A Summer Photoshoot

Having trouble deciding which season to take your senior photos in? It’s a hard choice and every season has it’s pros and cons. Summer is coming sooner than you may think and NOW is the time to start planning for 2023 senior photoshoots. Personally, summer shoots are some of my favorites but of course, you have to do what’s right for you! Here are the biggest reasons why summer senior photoshoots can be amazing:

  1. You aren’t too busy yet . During the school year, everyone is busy. Nights are full of games, practices, and homework. Weekends are full of football games, homecomings, and weekend getaways. Summer has so much more room for flexibility!

  2. You can use your photos ALL year long! This is a big pro because when you get your photos done before your school year even starts, you can use your photos throughout the ENTIRE year. You will have enough photos for every “Senior Sunday” and hav plenty of time to get al your prints and announcements for graduation in May. Very stress-free way to prepare!

  3. There are colors on the trees. We definitely don’t have to worry about color during the summer. I am a sucker for that greenery and I just can’t get enough of it. Another plus, you may have a bit of a tan!

  4. You get to start your senior year off with a bang! There’s no better way to officially feel like a senior, than getting your senior photos done. I did my senior photos right before my year and I was so glad I walked into my year with such a fun photoshoot as the opener.

Featured Senior Addie M. at Bishop Moore High School { Class of 2022 }


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